The Lion King Hero!

My Lion King hero is my little brother. My little brother is my hero because he is one of the many reasons I can keep a smile on my face. My brother is a lot like Rafiki. He’s hilarious and kind of crazy like Rafiki. My brother is so cute and I love doing things with him. My brother and I do a lot of things together, we color together, play together, and he sometimes lets me take him outside on walks, if he’ll walk with me. when he runs around the house like a crazy person he always makes me laugh, even if I’m sad. He’s also like Mafusa in a way, he’s always there, and he’s so loving. If you ask him for hugs he will run back and run and run into your arms and it’t so cute. He is also like Scar in a way. Sometimes I forget to shut my bedroom door and he will be really sneaky and walk very quietly into my room and shut my door and get into my make-up. He also gets stingy. If I have a snack and he didn’t get his yet he will sit in his high-chair and every time I go to take a bite he yells no. But overall he is the cutest kid I’ve ever met and he will always be my hero.

My Travels!

My favorite travel was when I went to New York. I liked New York because we got to go to times square at night and it was beautiful. We also went to see the Statue of Liberty and it was awesome. The last thing we did was go to a golf place before we left. That was probably the best place I’ve been so far.

A place I want to go to would be Paris, France. I want to go to Paris because I love the sites and the treats. My sister and her grandma made homemade macaroons for Thanksgiving and they tasted like heaven. I also like croissants, but I usually like a lot of breads. Paris is also where my friend lives so I would be able to see her.

If I had to choose where to go out of where I’ve been I would choose to go to Mexico. Although I don’t remember a lot of it because I was little, I still have the pictures. My mom said I liked the chicken there, and also the chips. I also like to be in the ocean to see the fish and snorkel. If I could I would go again so I would remember it. If you could travel somewhere you’ve never been or go to a place where you’ve traveled before, Where would you go?

I got this picture from Pixabay

My Progress On My 20%

My Group and I have got our plans made and are hoping to go see the daycare this Friday. We have yet to go to the animal shelter and are hoping to to go to the animal shelter in a week or so. We will be at the daycare Jan, 11 to teach our lesson on Hamsters.

Right now on my 20% I’m working on my hamster research. My research is for a lesson at a daycare. My partners and I are going to go an animal shelter to meet the animals and let them get used to us so when we are at events we can pet and pick up the animals to talk them up so they get adopted.

My group and I want to go to the daycare and the animal shelter in December. We also want to finish our research and go to the animal shelter a lot more than we do now. You should also go check out.

honolulu via Pixabay




My 3 Favorite Holidays!

     My first favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because I like driving through neighborhoods looking at the decorations. My family’s tradition is the day after Thanksgiving we get out our decorations, turn on Christmas music, and make cookies to eat while decorating. My favorite Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy.

          My second holiday is Halloween. I like Halloween because I love candy and I love going with friends. I also like picking out costumes, Last year I was  Thing 2 and my friend was Thing 1.

Here Comes Trouble!

Creative Commons License DaPuglet via Compfight 

           My last holiday is Valentines Day. We go to my aunt’s house to celebrate my cousin’s, and my aunt’s birthday and also Valentines Day on the same day. I love going to my aunts house because everyone is there on holidays and it’s really fun! What’s your favorite holiday?


If I were principal for a day!

If I were principal for a day I would…

Have the kids in the school play games for 2 hours of the day, and then I would Have them run around the school for 2 hours of the day, I would also have them go to their favorite 6th and 7th period which for us is arts and humanities for 1 hour, and after that I would let them go outside for 1 hour, and last for the 1 hour left of school I’d have the kids go to their 2 favorite classes each for 30 minutes.

I would only have the kids with…

Passing grades (75% or higher in ALL classes), Work caught up, and kids with 3 strikes or under participate in the free day. The reason I chose this group is not only because teachers wouldn’t let you participate anyways, but also because I feel that kids with these 3 things aren’t really appreciated and instead of them getting rewarded with knowledge, they get rewarded with something fun.

Cast, Little Shop of Horrors, Brazosport Center Stages, 2017 Tom Fowler LJTX via Compfight189 206-6 : Vincent Van GoghCreative Commons License

Creative Commons LicenseThomas Naas via Compfight

My Project!

My project is about awareness to animals in need. My friends, Kylah, Peyton, and I are going to be with and animal shelter to raise awareness about the animals. Our project will be based on animals because we are all very passionate about animals.

We are going to be going on the 21st, the 1st, and more days we haven’t planned yet. We are going to be getting to know the animals so when we go to the events that the shelter has in the spring the animals are used to us. Our teachers want us to give back to the world in someway while doing this project, we will be doing that by going to a daycare and teaching the kids about a certain breed of animal at least once a month. After the lesson about the animal we will do one of the following three: do a craft, do music day, or do a sports themed day.  We will see if we can teach the 4-5 year old’s. If it is okay we will be bringing in small animals to teach about once a month. Thank you for your time I hope you enjoyed my project

See my Visual Aide for more information.


Social Studies is my favorite subject. I think it’s interesting to learn about our countries history. In social studies class right know we are learning about Mexico’s land forms and history. I like learning about different countries history because I already know a lot of Kentucky’s history so when we were learning about it was kind of boring. What’s your favorite subject?

P.B.L(Project Based Learning) is my 2nd favorite subject. It’s about blogging, power points, docs, projects, etc. We just recently finished a project called ‘ The case of Felix Navidad’ it’s about a crime scene and we were the the police and the investigators\detectives. It was very fun and I hope we do something like it late in the year.

And the last subject is ELA(English Language Arts). In ELA we do grammar rules, commas, figurative language, and On NRI your teacher assigns you something like comma rules and you press it then it brings up the assignment and you put commas in the correct place. NRI lets you choose interests, when you sign up it has a bunch of interest you can add your pets and friends, T.V shows, Movies, Famous people, etc. NRI is a educational website that is fun. Thanks for viewing.                          Students in Primary Seven at Zanaki Primary School   World Bank Photo Collection via Compfight93/365 jaubele1 via CompfightIMG_6778 Piyushgiri Revagar via Compfight

My Avatar

  My avatar is look alike from the website


FaceYourManga is a great website that let’s you create a mini you. You can upload your avatar to any website you would like. This is a lot like the bitmoji app on your phone you can make a person that looks like you.

I personally like FaceYourManga because it has all the features and colors you could want and you look animated. There are a lot more avatar websites but FaceYourManga is the one I would pick

The Girl at The Park

 There was a girl who was at the park. She was having a very fun time, playing with friends, doing the monkey bars, swinging, running around, being a kid. Then she ran off to her older brother down at the basketball court. Her mom was on her phone, one moment she looked up her daughter was there the next she wasn’t. Her mom ran down to the basketball court and asked the brother where she was, he said he had no clue! The mother ran around the neighborhood hysterically the girl’s name,” AMAYA! AMAYA!” The girl was nowhere to be seen the mom and the brother searched and searched, through the woods, in the house, at the park, and in her ‘secret’ hideout. No sign of her. They checked in the house one last time and…

Know I want you to comment what you think happened. Finish the story for me, don’t forget to be creative!

(This story is made up no disrespect to anyone this may have happened to)

Pumpkin Poem

Jack-o'-lanternsPumpkins are carved,                                                                                       William Warby via Compfight

This time of year,

So many costumes lurking this year,

Kids are running ’round n’ ’round,

waiting for candy to come around,Boo Lefou Posing On A Pumpkin For You!,

carving their pumpkins,                                                                                                           DaPuglet via Compfight

to look so scary,

pumpkins get baked,IMG_0986

into something delicious,                                                                                                      Creative Commons License Steve Baker via Compfight

pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite.