Social Studies is my favorite subject. I think it’s interesting to learn about our countries history. In social studies class right know we are learning about Mexico’s land forms and history. I like learning about different countries history because I already know a lot of Kentucky’s history so when we were learning about it was kind of boring. What’s your favorite subject?

P.B.L(Project Based Learning) is my 2nd favorite subject. It’s about blogging, power points, docs, projects, etc. We just recently finished a project called ‘ The case of Felix Navidad’ it’s about a crime scene and we were the the police and the investigators\detectives. It was very fun and I hope we do something like it late in the year.

And the last subject is ELA(English Language Arts). In ELA we do grammar rules, commas, figurative language, and On NRI your teacher assigns you something like comma rules and you press it then it brings up the assignment and you put commas in the correct place. NRI lets you choose interests, when you sign up it has a bunch of interest you can add your pets and friends, T.V shows, Movies, Famous people, etc. NRI is a educational website that is fun. Thanks for viewing.                          Students in Primary Seven at Zanaki Primary School   World Bank Photo Collection via Compfight93/365 jaubele1 via CompfightIMG_6778 Piyushgiri Revagar via Compfight

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