The Lion King Hero!

My Lion King hero is my little brother. My little brother is my hero because he is one of the many reasons I can keep a smile on my face. My brother is a lot like Rafiki. He’s hilarious and kind of crazy like Rafiki. My brother is so cute and I love doing things with him. My brother and I do a lot of things together, we color together, play together, and he sometimes lets me take him outside on walks, if he’ll walk with me. when he runs around the house like a crazy person he always makes me laugh, even if I’m sad. He’s also like Mafusa in a way, he’s always there, and he’s so loving. If you ask him for hugs he will run back and run and run into your arms and it’t so cute. He is also like Scar in a way. Sometimes I forget to shut my bedroom door and he will be really sneaky and walk very quietly into my room and shut my door and get into my make-up. He also gets stingy. If I have a snack and he didn’t get his yet he will sit in his high-chair and every time I go to take a bite he yells no. But overall he is the cutest kid I’ve ever met and he will always be my hero.

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