Hi I’m Jordyn S. I go to a middle school in Kentucky. I love singing, photography, and animals. Singing is something I’ve done since I was 4 years old, the first song I fell in love with was a song by Lady Antebellum called Need you now. I still love this song so you should go listen to it.

     I have fallen in LOVE with the photography class at my school, I take every almost every day if not every day. In photography class we talk about famous photographers, how to edit our pictures, and how everyone’s picture are unique.

       Animals, I’ve loved animals since I could talk. I think all animals deserve an equal chance at life but that’s not always what happens. I’ve had a lot of pets I’ve had 5 turtles, more than 8 dogs, 5 cats, 2 fish, and an iguana. I still have my cats and 3 dogs. That’s all I have for today.