My Passion is Art!

        Hi art is something very important to me because I love drawing, painting, blending, etc. I draw any time I can get my hands on a piece of paper. I draw sceneries, people, animals, etc. When I draw I like using pencil and then going over it with something darker but some people like using darker tools first. That’s my drawing techniques, now I’ll give you some drawing tips.

        Some tips for drawing are when you draw, draw with a dull pencil very lightly first so you know how your drawing is going to look. After you draw with a pencil you can go in with a marker, sharpie, pen, or a sharpened pencil. When and if you start to color your drawing color big portions first and then do little details. When you color make sure to blend(If you aren’t using colored pencils, markers, or crayons). If you are using pastels, oil pastels, or charcoal try not to blend to much because if you do you might ruin you drawing. Those are my tips I hope they help you!                                    Digital Pastel Drawing of Shavers Fork by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.…otos/96802003@N07/34860278291